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Small town life is about neighbors helping neighbors; that's why some neighbors joined together several years ago and started the North Spencer Community Action Center (NSCAC). NSCAC is a non-profit corporation that provides social services to residents in Spencer County. Services include food and clothing donations, healthcare, utility assistance, educational programs, and more.

NSCAC started in 1990 as the Recycle Center in Dale. In 1993, the organization was incorporated to broaden its reach and better serve Spencer County. We are located in Dale, at 26 S. Washington Street. Our facility features a clean and spacious thrift store, healthcare offices, food pantry, and an educational center.



At the NSCAC, we really believe in the idea of neighbors helping neighbors. We offer a number of services to help support our local community. We also partner with a number of other organizations, so if we don't directly offer a service you need, we can often refer you to someone who does.


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